KEVU Radio

The Radio Center is the home of KEVU, “Community Radio for Elysian Valley, Northeast Los Angeles, and the World Wide Web. ” Local neighbors can create their own programming, which is uploaded to our KEVU page at this website. 

Juan and Sal's Average Joe's Gym

Put together by Juan and Sal back in 2004, the Average Joe’s Gym has all the basic workout equipment needed to keep you fit and trim.  As an extension of Average Joe’s, we also have a room with 6 Johnny G spinning bikes. There’s no excuse at Average Joe’s!


EVU Multi-Use Area

Home to LAUSD’s highly successful Central High School/Elysian Valley Branch.  Over the years, the Multi-Use area has also been used for afternoon education programs, such as Kids United, and community meetings, town hall gatherings, and a variety of arts and programming events.

Multimedia Center

Actually, the entire facility has become our Multimedia Center!  We have 15 public-access computers loaded with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software, along with internet access provided through a super-fast fiber optic line.  In addition, we have two presentation screens, along with a projector that can link to computer/internet access.


EVU People's Library

The People’s Library is a  community-based and run library, with fiction, non-fiction, and quality children’s books available for your reading pleasure.  We also subscribe to the Los Angeles Times, and a variety of general interest magazines.

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