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Elysian Valley United is a community-based, non-profit organization located in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Organized in 1994 by local residents, our organization provides a variety of education, arts and wellness programs to neighborhood youth, parents, and families. These services are provided at no cost.


We are located at the Elysian Valley United Community Services Center (the CSC or The Center), 2812 Newell Street in Los Angeles, a 3400 square foot facility that once housed a garment sweat shop. In 1999, Elysian Valley United took the lease on the site, and transformed it through neighborhood volunteer assistance into a multi-use community center. 


Since 2000, Elysian Valley United has provided a variety of services to the local community, ranging from an after-school homework club to sponsoring local athletic teams. Our major focus today is to provide needed services to individuals and groups who remain underrepresented and disenfranchised from the social and economic affluence of urban Los Angeles. 

Teacher/Programs Dir.


Gloria Vargas



Teacher/Executive Dir.


Albert Vargas



Family Services Dir.


Steve Zimmer



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